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Happy Orthodontic Clients Testimonials

I came to see Dr. Kivity at the recommendation of my dentist. Actually, he had been bugging me for a year to see her. My teeth are not that crooked, but they are crowded. I had lots of headaches, neck pain, and longitudinal lines along my cheeks that were from my biting them at night. I thought I was going to get braces to try and keep my crowded teeth from getting worse, but when I finally went to see Dr. Kivity she diagnosed me with a TMJ disorder, and told me that wearing braces would be a waste of time without first fixing this problem. Instead of braces she fitted me for a mouth orthotic. I was skeptical. This was only going to add time and money to my treatment, I thought. My jaw didnít hurt, and isnít that what TMJ was all about? To show me how the orthotic would change my bite, Dr. Kivity put a tester device in my mouth. I could instantly feel the difference, and could not have imagined how much more relaxed and comfortable my whole head felt with my jaw properly placed. My jaw being out of whack was the cause of my shifted teeth, not vice-versa. Since I started wearing the orthotic, I have no headaches, no lines along my cheeks, no neck pain, and better sleep. I have one more month to go and I am so used to wearing this Ďsecond layer of teethí that I actually canít chew without it now! I am so grateful for Dr. Kivityís gentle perseverance on my behalf. Now I know that when we do apply the braces, my teeth have a much better chance of staying straight and I can look forward to a life without headaches.
-------- Maria Ringo HD, DHMHS, B.GS
Clinic Director North Toronto Homeopathic Medicine & Wellness Clinic
3342A Yonge St. Toronto, ON M4N 2M4
T: 416-792-2108 E: maria@nthm.ca