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Adult Orthodontics

Although it is beneficial in most cases, to see patients at a young age (at least 6 years old), that doesn’t mean to say that orthodontic treatment cannot be done successfully on adult patients. There may be less options available as jaw and facial growth have been completed, but orthodontic treatment remains a viable way to create a beautiful, balanced smile. As with all our patients we begin our treatment plans by determining if your jaw joints are functioning properly. From there we can do conventional braces, Insignia© braces and Invisalign© aligners as indicated by your individual dental and skeletal concerns.

Treatment time will vary from person to person based upon the degree of correction that is required. Generally speaking though, it can range from 18-36 months.

All of our adult patients are required to have a full periodontal assessment prior to commencing orthodontic treatment. Any recommended therapies need to be completed before braces are placed. Re-care appointments usually alternate every 3 months between the periodontist and your general dentist unless otherwise directed by the periodontist.

We have many adult patients at our practice so you won’t feel out of place! We also have quite a few parent/child teams that are experiencing orthodontic treatment together! Call us today to start you on your way to a beautiful balanced healthy smile.