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Dr. Kivity-Chandler’s Philosophy

Orthodontics has changed considerably over the past few years. Advances in technology have produced bracket and wire systems such as Damon by Ormco, which make treatment more comfortable, more aesthetically pleasing and take less time. The use of TADs, (Temporary Anchorage Devices) also allow us to move teeth more effectively and add to the efficiency of the orthodontic treatment.

But orthodontics is no longer just about pretty smiles. Science is discovering more and more connections between the health of our jaws and mouth and the rest of our overall body health. At our office, it is important to determine the underlying cause(s) of your malocclusion and that includes evaluating your jaw joints, your airways, your posture, the quality of your sleep and more. We work closely with other health care professionals so that you have a beautiful, healthy smile that is stable and functions optimally. In the process we anticipate that we are also improving your overall health.